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Architectural Designer at Aalborg University

Welcome to the Architecture’s programme at the Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark

The MSc programme in Architecture at Aalborg University, Denmark takes its focal point in a number of current and future challenges in the field of architecture. By way of a solid and professional foundation in subjects, methods, theories and disciplines pertaining to architecture and engineering, the master programme in Architecture ensures an interdisciplinary competence profile aimed at designing the architectural projects of the future within the fields of tectonic design, sustainable architecture and the application of research and evidence based knowledge in an integrated design process; a competence profile that is applicable in architecture and engineering professions.

The education offers the student an interdisciplinary, creative profile in a problem-based learning environment in which courses and projects equip the student to address challenges in the built environment. With a point of departure in tectonic design and the Nordic architectural tradition, the programme aims at giving the architecture candidates an understanding of and knowledge about the increasing demands for an integration of technical, structural, functional, and aesthetic parameters, which will become basic requirements to the modelling and shaping of high level architecture in the future. Moreover, the programme also takes its point of departure in a number of social challenges determined by the future demand for more sustainable living; knowledge about climate consciousness, sustainability and energy optimisation are prioritised in order to enable the students to design energy-neutral and sustainable architectural concepts of a high quality by combining aesthetic, technical and functional parameters, while simultaneously ensuring that the buildings offer their users the best qualities.

The master education in Architecture has a national as well as international focus and comprises, for example, a number of study trips that give the students an insight into the ways in which architecture and architectural problems are solved abroad. Further, the programme is based on national and international research and practical knowledge.

Contact and Information

Contact and Information

Contact information
For more information about the Master in Architecture at AAU in Denmark, please do not hesitate to contact the Architecture & Design Studyboard at the email address below.

Address: Architecture & Design, Aalborg University, Østeraagade 6, DK-9000 Aalborg, Denmark

Email: adstudyboard@create.aau.dk


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